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Enquiries 01732838148

We are less then five minutes walk from the Bat and Ball railway station which runs directly from victoria station london  and we also are on a bus route which stops right outside the hall.
if traveling by car we have a small car park atached to the hall .
enquiries 01732838148

Welcome to spiritual friends together we can learn all things spiritual as well as meet new friends along the way

We are based in Sevenoaks kent uk, in a lovely old hall that belongs to st john ambulance. At the moment we hire it every sunday and are open from 7.15pm -10.00pm The hall has a lovely atmosphere , and with the work st john ambulance do there for others, it feels very spiritual, especially the healing energies . We opened 9th october 2011 and already it feels like home, like an old shoe it fits perfectly for our needs, and our hopes and dreams for our centre.We believe spirit guided us there through messages given and descriptions, and most of all on viewing the hall the man we met told us he knew we woud get the hall as no one else had asked for the purpose we wanted it for and not only that his sister went to a spritualist church and often would relay messages back to him .


Welcome to Sevenoaks Spiritual Friends, we are a new spiritual center offering a little  difference by holding various events each week,we hope people from all walks of life and ages will come along and meet new friends and take something home with them, but most of all go away feeling uplifted.
We founded this centre in july and opened it in october 2011, and although it is not ours, the owners, st john ambulance  kindly let has have it on a weekly hire basis, it seems as if we was guided by spirit there, from the messages I recieved from spirit and upon meeting the man who hires the hall, having a spiritual connection, through family attending a spiritualist church.
We have only been there a few short months and already it feels like home, the energy is building up, people are coming, and spirit are always waiting to help and give messages to their loved ones.
When my daughter and I was searching for a place, we knew we wanted it to be more than a centre where we hold a service, I felt it needed to be a place for everyone to learn from each other all things spiritual, I feel everyone can give something no matter how small a little knowledge on spiritual matters to someone .
And we wanted it to be a warm friendly relaxed place, where everyone will feel welcome and want to return again and look forward to coming again, and I hope we are achieving this as we do have our regulars .
Many people have come forward offering to serve our centre , and we have had some lovely mediums giving accurate information to many that come.
We are also eternaly grateful for the help and support  we have ben given with organizing the center from people who we have met through our beliefs in spirit
At spiritual friends you can be assured you will never get disheartened as we offer many things over each month  we  have  had Evenings of Clairvoyance, Psychic Art Events,we also offer various workshops, trance talks and demonstrations, spirit art with mediumship, and a Developement group where we use different methods of learning to tap into our psychic abilities  being taught by a medium.
Both Bonnie and I are qualified healer practitioners and should anyone be in need and would like to have healing we are on hand to give it.
All our mediums are different each month and work differently to each other, and we believe in giving everyone no matter if they are just starting out on their spiritual journey or already halfway there a chance to demonstrate their mediumship. If you are intrested in working at our centre then please contact us.
We are taking Bookings now for 2013 and if you can offer us anything different  we want to hear from you.
We also would like to hear from you if you are available to step in when a medium has to cancel due to other commitments or illness
Also we are intrested in hearing from you if you read tarot/angel cards or similar,if you read aura pictures,photos, ect. if you are a rieki healer, indian head massager, foot reader, crystal healer, ect as we are hoping to organise psychic fairs and suppers.
Help us to grow by coming along and joining us everyone is welcome
                                                Love Light And Blessings 
                                                           Mary and Bonnie


We are going to form a weekly developement Circle/group  and are looking for new members who would be intrested in joining us on a weekly basis for three weeks out of four. Please contact uson the above number or any of the links on this blog


https://merlins/  sevenoaks spiritual friends independent centre  sevenoaks spiritual friends independent centre 


Mary Misselbrook tel 0173283814 email
Bonnie Misselbrook tel 01892670051 email
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My name is mary and I am one of the Leaders at this centre ,together with my daughter we  founded this centre so that spiritual people could come together and learn from each other .
I have been married 33yrs, and have three daughters one of who has learning disabilities.I also have five beautiful grandchildren, two of whom are autistic. I have had struggles like everyone else, the worst times have been when my daughter was diagnosed at 11 months with a very rare disease. But it was through her illness that I was led into the spiritual way of life, and eventually through friends learnt to use and develope my gift, that was over 29 yrs ago now
During the past twenty nine years I have met many lovely people seeking spiritual advice and guidance and I have had much pleasure in bringing passed loved ones through. While the majority of my readings have been private one-on-one and group sessions, my readings do not have to be in person. I have successfully read for people over the Internet and by telephone and still continue to do so. For the past five years my daughter and I have been searching for a hall to hold our spiritual centre, Whilst searching I have served as Vice President of an awareness centre, sat in developement circle and did a years healing trainning,I have been lucky enough to gain my healers practitioners certificate with the corrinthians. We have been extremly fortunate to of been guided by spirit to a lovely old hall.  We opened up on Sunday 9th October 2011 and although very small at the moment we hope to grow a little bigger in time.

My name is Bonnie  and I am one of the Leaders at this centre, and will be working alongside my mother, I have been with my partner nine years and have three children, Sophie is 7yrs and is Autistic, and shane is 2 yrs old,and jake is 3months   I work with social services supporting my sister in her day to day activities on a part time basis.I have always worked in care for the elderly and for the adults with learning disabilitys, and in the private sector of care, I have also worked as a house manager at a care home.  As a child I would often go with mum on a sunday evening sometimes to church which seemed the normal thing to do, when I was 10, as I lay in mums bed when I was ill I looked up at the ceiling to see ten little indians dance around a fire.I often saw what I knew as spirit, mum used to have people come to our home for readingsMy first job was working at an EMI Home,  I dealt with laying out people that passed, and saw them return in spirit from time to time. As the yrs went by, I had my children.  One christmas mum brought me a pack of angel cards and thats when I first started giving readings.During the past three years, I  have also  met some lovely people seeking help and advice through my readings and I have had much pleasure in bringing loved ones through, through one to one sessions, with success, and people have commented back to me, sometimes weeks later on how pleased they was with the reading, and this has only giving me encouragement to continue with my spiritual work. Together with my mother we have been looking for five years for  a place to use to hold our centre. In between search  I have served as a active committee member of an awareness centre  where mum was vice president, and I have also done a years healing training and have gained my Healers practitioners certificate through the corrinthians  I am looking forward to serving the centre and I am here to help .